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EasyAUM Case Studies

EasyAUM takes special care to understand the unique needs of our clients. We design proprietary software and provide custom solutions that exceed expectations. Our attentive staff makes every effort to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Our products and services have optimized resources, reduced costs, improved efficiencies, assured compliance and advanced scalability for over 80 firms.

Optimized resources, reduced costs, improved efficiencies, advanced scalability for over 80 firms.

Back Office

Manager of Managers with $7 Billion AUM; Bloomberg Advent Integration
Client: Manager of Managers responsible for managing institutional assets experiencing high growth
Challenges: Back office operations was inefficient, not scalable and did not provide timely reconciliation and reporting. Market data providers not used efficiently and lacked cost effective integration system. Lack of integration of Advent APX with Bloomberg data
Technology Structure: Advent APX, MS SQL Server, Bloomberg

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Implementation of MarketBridge repository and Advent APX integration — using Bloomberg bulk feed for North America, per Security data feed for international and BVAL fixed income pricing
  • MarketBridge metadata model supported client’s complex fixed income security types and brought in significant portfolio accounting and reporting improvements

Fixed Income Manager with $1 Billion AUM; Bloomberg Advent integration
Client: Regionally focused investment bank, broker-dealer and asset management firm, specializing in fixed income securities such as ABS, MBS, TIPs, Corporate Bonds, Treasuries, Munis etc.
Challenges: Inability of current vendor to support security master type, valuation requirements; high data costs and risk
Technology Structure: Advent APX, Moxy, Bloomberg

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Firm identified Bloomberg Security License as source for fixed income data and MarketBridge for the data interface for APX
  • MarketBridge metadata model supported client’s complex fixed income security types and brought in significant accounting and reporting improvements

Insurance Company with $3 Billion AUM; Bloomberg ePAM integration
Client: Insurance Company Treasury Group
Goals:Client sought more accurate and comprehensive fixed income data source for security master, pricing, factors, corporate actions
Technology Structure: ePAM, Bloomberg data license, AIM

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Bloomberg Per Security data with MarketBridge ePAM integration
  • Achieved cost savings through reduction of time for security setup and pricing of options, bonds and updating of CMO factors

Investment Manager with $5 Billion AUM; Bloomberg Advent integration
Client: Investment firm in high growth mode.
Goals: Client needed robust integration of market data with their portfolio accounting and trading system
Technology Structure: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Advent APX, Moxy, Bloomberg

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Bloomberg Back Office with MarketBridge data integration and repository
  • Provided data warehouse and product for interfacing market data with portfolio accounting system (STRONGER)
  • Security master, transaction, benchmark, spot rates, pricing and other interfaces
Portfolio Construction

Index Construction Firm with $50 Billion assets under licensing; global universe and portfolio construction
Client: Index Construction Firm in High Growth
Goals: Client needed high quality global equities data universe to build and reconstitute indices, with audit capability
Technology Structure: Bloomberg Back Office, Per Security data; Oracle, MS SQL Server

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • MarketBridge data repository of Bloomberg Back Office and Per Security data
  • Data extraction, transformation, agg regation of multiple data sources
  • Creation of global equity universe models
  • Improved portfolio model construction efficiency

Investment Manager with $1 Billion AUM; universe builder
Client: Investment Manager with Quantitative Approach
Goals: Company uses multiple data sources of fundamental and analyst ratings data for Investment Universe selection and portfolio modeling. Process with current vendor had serious limitations of costs, building proprietary models and scalability.
Technology Structure: Vestek, Starmine

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Implementation of market data repository
  • Repository enables scalability and integration with other enterprise reporting platforms
  • Automated production of weekly investment universes
  • Increase efficiency of portfolio management staff
Middle Office

Investment Management and Index Construction Firm: Enterprise Reporting
Client: Innovative investment products and investment management firm in high growth mode
Goals: Simplify the management and distribution of reports for internal and external parties, with scalable permissions model to meet a diverse range of users
Technology Structure: Microsoft SharePoint, MS SQL 2008, SSRS and Microsoft .Net

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Development of an internet-based portal on MS SharePoint to support internal and external parties such as distributors, marketing partners, and clients. Reports can be scheduled and users may subscribe to them. Reports can be saved in PDF, Excel or most other common formats
  • Consolidation of contents used by internal and external parties
  • Leverage permissioning, tracking and auditing features provided by MS SharePoint for compliance purposes
  • Solution supported rapid increase in users and documents and facilitated compliance adherence and risk reduction
  • Generate management reports to track product matrix, inter-period AUM growth, client reports, product characteristics built using SSRS and SharePoint

Investment Management with $1 Billion AUM; Client Reporting
Client: Investment management with $1 Billion in AUM, and GIPS compliant
Goals: Client quarterly reporting was a cumbersome and highly time consumer. Process required manual integration of Vestek and APX reporting, as well as research team.
Technology Structure: Axys, Thomson Reuters Vestek

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Implemented PortfolioLandscape
  • This involved integration of all the data sources, including Market Outlook, Vestek Analytics and Axys performance and accounting data reporting into one repository
  • Professional flexible design of a consolidated client report with multiple sections, including Market Outlook, Market Summary, Performance Analysis, Portfolio versus Benchmark Characteristics, Performance Attribution, Portfolio Appraisal, Purchases and Sales, and Income and Expenses.
  • Implementation increased efficiency in report production and minimized risks of manual errors.

Real Estate Company: Treasury and Risk Management; Bloomberg Integration and Analytics
Client: Large real estate company whose capital markets and treasury group required robust market data repository for improved investment and financing decisions and analytics.
Challenges/Goals: Client market data models were hard-coded into Excel spreadsheets, assumptions not updated more than quarterly
Technology Structure: IT2, PeopleSoft, Yardi, Excel Analytics

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Bloomberg data for interest rates, exchange rates, options, forward/futures rates for various global target markets
  • MarketBridge enabled the enterprise integration of Bloomberg data and its Excel calls and APIs enhanced analytics and reporting
  • Consistent availability and daily updates of key currency, interest rate and key calculation data points for use across the enterprise

Investment Adviser with $5 Billion AUM; Client Reporting
Client: Investment Manager for high net worth individuals, foundations and endowments
Goals: Client reporting process was laborious and time consuming and error-prone
Technology Structure: Charles River, CAMRA

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Client ready reports with intuitive performance charts
  • Built automated generation of client performance reports with data extracts from portfolio accounting system
GIPS® and Composite Management

Investment Manager, $5 Billion AUM; GIPS® Compliance Implementation
Client: Investment Management Firm in high growth mode
Goals: GIPS compliance was discontinued in 2008; Client requested new GIPS assessment and a re-established process to attain and maintain the firm’s GIPS compliance status
Technology Structure: Advent APX, Bloomberg, MS SQL, Oracle, SharePoint

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Assessment, documentation, preparation of a blue-print for implementation
  • Defined GIPS Policies and Procedures, Disclosures, for firm
  • Installed PortView software, Composite Management System, re-established GIPS compliance in 2010
  • Regular GIPS Maintenance Services

RIA, $200 Million AUM; GIPS Advisory and Verification Services
Client: RIA managing assets of individuals, families and trusts
Goals: Client interested in attaining GIPS compliance; required GIPS advisory services to define composites, policies and procedures, address firm's unique considerations.
Technology Structure: Advent Axys, Moxy, Telemet, Bloomberg

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Define GIPS Policies and Procedures, calculation methodologies, composite definition, gap analysis
  • Advise on disclosures, compliance and marketing presentation
  • Provide guidance on considerations
  • Verification services

Private Wealth Management, $400M AUM; GIPS Compliance Advisory
Client: Private Wealth Management Firm
Goals: GIPS compliant composite performance required to improve marketing to institutional clients
Technology Structure: 10+ data feeds, home-grown research, trading, and portfolio management systems

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Trained client on requirements for GIPS Compliance
  • Analyzed firm’s historical databases, investment methods, and GIPS factors necessary to meet GIPS compliance standards
  • Advised client on processes to build a Composite Reporting Solution

Retirement Investment Firm, $1 Billion AUM; Composite Management and Reporting
Client: Retirement planning and investment firm serving employers and their employees' accounts
Goals: Client managed 120,000+ accounts, 90+ composites; Client requested daily, streamlined performance calculations and more robust composite management and reporting platform
Technology Structure: Microsoft SQL Server

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Assessment of data sources, composites;
  • Established best practices, standardized processes and GIPS implementation
  • Assisted in composite definition, capture of daily account performance data, planning and implementation
  • Installed PortView software, EasyAUM's Composite Management System
  • Providing regular GIPS maintenance services since 2009
Product Evaluations,
Operational Assessment Improvements and Roadmap

Institutional Asset Manager with $7 Billion AUM; Partnership Accounting
Client: Institutional Asset Management firm with $7 Billion AUM
Goals: Reduce manual efforts to perform partnership accounting and billing
Technology Structure: Thomson Portia, McGregor XIP, MQA, 30+ data feeds

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Automated manual processes
  • Prepared RFP and performed a full-scale formal vendor search
  • Guidance on vendors, recommended most appropriate vendor products for firm’s needs/li>
  • Prepared high-level implementation plan

Institutional Asset Manager with $1Billion AUM; Enterprise Reporting
Client: Institutional Asset Management firm with $1 Billion AUM in Southern CA
Goals: Improve compliance; business continuity planning, reporting
Technology Structure: Barra, Advent, 10+ data feeds

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Collected firm-wide reporting needs ranging from compliance, client servicing, operations, portfolio management.
  • Compared "Build vs. Buy" approach for enhancements
  • Evaluated third party products

Asset Manager with $5 Billion AUM, Portfolio Accounting
Client: Asset Management firm with $5 Billion AUM in Southern CA
Goals: Improve scalability, efficiency, compliance to support rapid growth, business continuity planning, reporting
Technology Structure: 10+ data feeds, Manual Excel Based Operations/Trade Processing

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Advised client on best practices for portfolio management and trade operations workflow
  • Prepared RFP for PMS and OMS, lead the vendor search
  • Advised client on implementation plan for optimizing complex systems to meet challenging requirements and timelines
  • Advised client on processes requiring manual efforts vs. automation

Manager of Managers with $7 Billion AUM; Roadmap; Organization and Process Improvements
Client: Institutional Asset Management Firm
Goals: Increase STP rates, design and deploy flexible and scalable reporting structure, identify and eliminate reputation risk threats in the client service model
Technology Structure: Advent APX, Bloomberg Data License, Wilshire, Several niche compliance feeds, proprietary data models and trade messaging platforms

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Identified gaps in trade capture, portfolio accounting and security master maintenance processes that previously threatened integrity of firm’s data and reporting output. Leveraged domain and product knowledge to achieve results and establish best practices.
  • Client outsourced their operations and technology units to EasyAUM to implement process and organizational improvements, organizational changes and transition to an enhanced in-house set-up.
Front Office

Global Hedge Fund Manager with $17B AUM, Required SEC Form PF reports or reporting
Client: Global Hedge Fund Manager with complex fund structures
Challenges: Client has numerous funds and needed a versatile workflow engine for targeted review and approval of SEC Form PF regulatory reporting data by multiple business groups. The software needed to allow for dynamic and flexible source data gathering processes. Processes allowed for targeted redo’s of specific questions and exception overrides. It also needed to streamline the entire, report preparation process so that data is validated upstream ahead of XML reporting to the SEC.
Technology Structure: Advent Geneva, Wall Street Office, MSCI BarraOne, CRM and internal data stores

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Custom build of Easy•FormPF software, front-end solutions and back office infrastructure
  • Software development to match compliance form requirements and question-mapping, per SEC guidelines
  • Data extraction, aggregation of multiple data sources
  • Creation of web-based Portals for user/data interface. Used simultaneously by multiple business-user groups.
  • Improved process for data collection, edit, and review process of fund performance measurements prior to SEC submissions

Global Hedge Fund Managerwith $17B AUM; Required OPERA risk reports
Client: Global Hedge Fund Manager with complex fund structures
Challenges: Client desired automated data collection and transformation processes for gathering fund performance, exposure, VaR and sensitivity analysis. Data used for creating OPERA compliant reports for clients from multiple data sources.
Technology Structure: Advent Geneva, Wall Street Office, MSCI BarraOne, CRM and internal data stores

EasyAUM Contributions:
  • Software development: custom build of OPERA software, front-end portal solutions and back office software infrastructure
  • Data extraction, aggregation of multiple data sources
  • Creation of web-based Portals for data interface
  • Improved process for data collection and fund performance measurement calculations according to standards set by
  • Report generation function using customized templates