EasyAUM is an investment management technology company that empowers managers and investors by integrating mission-critical applications to enhance decision-making. Our solutions enable clients to scale their investment management operations while adhering to evolving industry standards and best practices. Over the last 25 years, we have helped more than 80 firms achieve their objectives and position themselves for healthy growth into the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help investment management firms provide clear, reliable data and insights for their staff and clients, so they can all make informed investment decisions to protect and grow their assets. We fulfill this mission in three ways:

1. Offer robust scalable technologies that translate to real-world solutions.
2. Fully integrate with existing infrastructure to maximize functionality.
3. Provide project and advisory services that offer best-in-class implementations, minimizing overhead and maximizing ease of use.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to make it easy for our clients to manage assets. We seek to build Efficient, Adaptable, Scalable solutions in a sYmbiotic relationship with our clients. The Easy in EasyAUM captures the essence of our philosophy.

To us, relationships matter as much as the solutions we deliver. We view relationships with our clients as complementary interconnected opposites, akin to the Yin and Yang concept. We interact dynamically within a more significant industry, interconnected and interdependent. This leads to a greater and more harmonious whole.

AUM in the investment industry stands for Assets Under Management, but it’s also an intonation in Indian philosophy that provides a dualistic viewpoint. On one hand, it projects the mind beyond the now to what is incomprehensible. On the other, it makes the incomprehensible more tangible. It encompasses all possibilities. In our own modest way, our efforts capture this approach. We build solutions that demystify complex problems with sound solutions, today and with an eye to the future.

Core Team


EasyAUM is always interested in talented individuals who are passionate about serving clients and making an impact in the investment management industry.

We typically hire for roles involving business analysis, software engineering, business development, and client relationship management.  If you have investment management domain experience and want to work with a collaborative team-oriented organization, then you may be a great fit!

If you are interested in exploring a career with us, please send us your resume.