For more than 25 years, EasyAUM has offered three groups of solutions for investment management firms – Data Management, Portfolio Management, and Client/Regulatory Reporting. Our products meet and exceed industry standards and adhere to best practices. Our success comes from our willingness to listen to our client’s needs and apply our experience to address their requirements.

As our clients are fiduciaries, we likewise have a duty of care and loyalty to each investment firm that we serve.

Data Management

EasyAUM’s clients source market data from top-tier vendors such as Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), S&P Capital IQ, Morningstar and other niche providers. We design, build and transform flexible robust data warehouse solutions, how, when, and where needed.

Our products integrate fully with existing portfolio accounting, reporting, and enterprise systems. We understand and show clients how to implement and maintain asset and security classification systems so that all data remain visible and the warehouse easily scales as the firm grows.

Above all, we apply enterprise data management principles and best practices so that business-critical technology infrastructure remains intact through whatever disruptions may come.

Portfolio Management

We help firms implement scalable universes and portfolio construction systems using any variety of asset allocation methods, fundamental data, and risk/reward methodologies.

Our tools enable consistently robust asset allocation modeling and rebalancing, across accounts and clients, to better inform the portfolio review process for every household and tax-advantaged entity.

EasyAUM has domain expertise and tools that enable corporate treasurers to continually meet liquidity and reserve requirements. All of our products point the way toward GIPS® implementation and verifiable compliance.

Client and Regulatory Reporting

EasyAUM continually refines our portfolio and performance reporting capabilities for advisors and their clients. We show firms how to implement lean yet comprehensive bespoke reporting systems that maximize operational efficiency and clarity for advisors and clients.

Firms can deliver client reports that show detailed and overall portfolio and composite performance, across accounts and clients, to better inform the portfolio review process for every household and tax-advantaged entities.

We also have tools to help firms meet evolving risk and compliance standards, such as automated SEC Form PF production, the Open Protocol (OPERA) framework, and other requirements.