– Vice President

Client: Global Real Estate Company, $180B in assets


  • Availability of clean and updated financial data to assist financing decisions that minimize cost as well as maximize the return when acquiring global real estate, including leasing/borrowing/ownership
  • Facilitate hedging on cash coming from leasing and sales operations
  • Aid optimization of debt and investment portfolios
  • Streamline monthly valuations
  • Financial instruments of interest include domestic/foreign currency, money market, interest rate swaps, options, forwards, futures, equity
    indices, fixed income, among others in a multicurrency fast-pace environment


  • Implemented EasyAUM’s MarketBridge product that sources, offers repository and APIs of Bloomberg Data
  • Implemented APIs for PeopleSoft, IT2 and other enterprise systems
  • APIs covered a variety of instruments including deal rates, FX rates, interest rates, interest rate swaps, forward interest rates, Government Rates, equity rates etc.


  • Unattended automated daily update of rates across various enterprise systems
  • Facilitated upstream optimization of debt, investment portfolios, valuations
  • Facilitated optimal borrowing, hedging, investing strategies