Client : Large Wealth Management Firm


  • Large number of investment programs, asset allocation models and heterogenous asset classifcation systems
  • Lack of a common standardized present day view of security classification and asset allocation for clients across programs
  • Legacy security data repositories and classification rules
  • Need for a present day rules engine and data repository that will service legacy, present an future state asset classification frameworks
  • Next to support single and multi-asset classifications using look through fund data from Morningstar
  • Need a centralized hub to support heterogenous systems , to distribute classification results, and to connect security classification results and asset allocation models


  • Subject matter, business analysis and product owner services as part of a multi-year large team engagement
  • Developed multi-asset rules engine for a number of asset hierarchies, Prototyped single asset rules engine
  • Defined Ul wireframes for security classification results, overrides, asset allocation models, reference models, benchmarks, market
  • Leveraged EasyAUM domain knowledge and expertise in this area and with vendor data


  • Built a fully functional multi-asset rules engine within two months of engagement
  • Jump started single asset and multi-asset rules definition
  • Defined a solid foundation of wireframes for the entire application
  • Collaboration with several teams and stakeholders utilizing project methodologies and tools including Agile, Confluence etc