“We have used EasyAUM’s software since 2012. The software made a major difference and gave us a more efficient and robust process for improving portfolio modeling and reporting. We needed to integrate data from multiple sources. The EasyAUM product team made the integration process seamless.”

– Portfolio Manager

Client: Registered Investment Advisor, Global Strategies


  • Portfolio construction process was Excel based, manual and tedious
  • Need for an efficient daily portfolio construction process that integrated financial modeling and other data from multiple vendors
  • Existing quarterly reporting was basic; covered appraisal, performance and transactions that required manual piecing together
  • Need for an automated client report generation process with expanded content


  • Implemented EasyAUM’s UniverseBuilder and PortfolioLandscape software
  • UniverseBuilder modeled the client’s construction process, integrating financial modeling, alpha factor, index and representative portfolio data from Refinitiv, MSCI, Russell
  • Automated process generated daily factor score reports for various US and Global strategies
  • PortfolioLandscape automated the quarterly client reporting generation process, integrating data from SS&C Axys portfolio accounting, Refinitiv portfolio analytics and market commentary.
  • Established data validation and outlier identification reporting for both systems


  • Brought significant efficiencies, high reliability and predictability to both processes
  • Allowed portfolio managers to focus on qualitative research and decision making
  • Clients receive on time, exhaustive client reports with a sleek, unified look and feel
  • Client reports include portfolio summary, asset allocation breakdowns, portfolio structure, top ten statistics, performance, attribution, appraisal, gain-loss, transactions, market commentary
  • Enhanced significantly client servicing
  • Scalable architecture facilitated adaptation to additional strategies and client growth