“EasyAUM has developed several bespoke risk and regulatory reporting solutions for our firm, which incorporate complex workflows, products, and asset classes. I am continually impressed by their ability to deliver highly functional and robust systems within a demanding time frame and on budget. Their expertise and professionalism is second to none and they have quickly become our partner of choice”

- Director of Application Development, Global Hedge Fund Manager ($18B AUM)

Client: Hedge Fund, San Francisco, California, $18B AUM


The client’s Chief Operating Office notes “When Form PF was first introduced, the new filing requirement was particularly burdensome for larger, diversified asset managers. Compiling the necessary data required input from multiple departments including Compliance, Risk, Accounting, Client Service and Operations. Input from all departments had to be both consistent and accurate. The process was tedious, time consuming and prone to errors. We engaged EasyAUM to implement a system that managed the Form PF workflow.”

  • Each quarterly report filing took more than eight weeks to prepare, not including amendments.
  • Reams of paper printouts were required
  • The data gathering and review process was arduous


  • Implemented EasyFormPF Portal and Data Repository
  • Integrated the product with the client’s existing data stores
  • Streamlined workflow, data acquisition and approval processes
  • Generates XML filings and updates for direct submission to the SEC


  • Reduced quarterly reporting time by half¬† from 8+ weeks to 4 weeks.
  • Realized significant cost savings and greater efficiency.
  • Minimized errors and correspondingly little to no amendment filings were necessary
  • Easy to use review process with robust audit trails
  • Scalable architecture allowed adaptation and growth
  • Ability to navigate by funds or by question

Again the Chief Operating Officer “The solution EasyAUM implemented allowed members of relevant departments to input data directly into the system and after receiving required sign off from department managers, the data flowed to a central repository where data integrity and logical tests were performed. The solution was effective and reliable and it drastically reduced the effort and the risks associated with Form PF filings”.