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GIPS® Services

What are the GIPS Standards?

The GIPS® Standards are global industry-wide ethical standards that provide investment firms guidance on how to calculate and report their investment results to prospective clients.

According to the CFA Institute that created and administers GIPS, the firms that comply with GIPS typically benefit from being able to compete for global business, and in addition, the GIPS compliance process helps firms to identify important improvements to internal processes and workflows.

While achieving GIPS standards is voluntary, managers that comply with industry best practices and promote validated historical performance data build credibility with investors and are viewed as a trustworthy source. GIPS is now being sponsored and promoted in over 30 countries.

EasyAUM GIPS Services

Advisory, Assessment and Guidance "GIPSability"
  • Educate, plan and prepare for becoming GIPS Compliant
  • Ensure that the necessary data, workflow, process, documentation infrastructure are present

GIPS Technology and Support
  • GIPS reporting and composite management tools and support
  • Streamline of processes such as reconciliation, record keeping, interest/dividend accruals, gross/net of fees, performance calculation, among others

Benefits to Investment Firms

  • Create a higher degree of assurance in prospective clients' minds about the credibility of your performance reporting
  • Compete for global business by making your performance presentations comparable
  • Identify operational/workflow improvements

Benefits of working with EasyAUM

  • Access to expert-level knowledge and our continuous track record since 1995
  • One-stop solution for all your GIPS and related needs
  • One-stop solution to integrate technology in your GIPS composite management and reporting processes
EasyAUM is not just a verifier. We offer technology as well as services to establish and sustain GIPS compliance.
GIPS credentials open business opportunities in the Investment Management Industry.

GIPS Implementation
  • Build compliant performance presentation and reporting
  • Revision/construction of Policies and Procedures
  • Provide an in-house or outsourced technology solution as appropriate

GIPS Verification
  • Assess whether GIPS compliance has been met firm-wide
  • Identify areas that may need improvement
  • Provide required verification report
GIPS Performance Examination
  • Assess whether GIPS compliance has been met for a specific composite
  • Identify areas that may need improvement
  • Provide required Performance Examination report

GIPS Maintenance
  • Maintain and update standards as required for continued GIPS compliance
  • Prepare for upcoming and future GIPS changes