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Consulting Services

Small and medium size investment managers grapple with issues of harnessing disparate technologies, consolidating their investments, establishing ownership of data and building on proprietary models. Often they do not have the luxury of having full time internal technology specialists. It is optimal for these managers to focus on what they are good at i.e. maximizing investment returns for their clients while seeking external specialized help to facilitate and enable technology.

EasyAUM Consulting Services facilitate understanding of our client's business priorities and requirements and the mutual identification of the appropriate forward path and solution. Each client situation is unique – the technology, the business focus, the investment management model, business problems, budget and other considerations.

Your business drivers and our knowledge maximize technology efficiency.

EasyAUM has built, over the years, a rich body of domain and technology expertise. These engagements provide the clients an opportunity to tap into EasyAUM experiences and industry knowledge, emphasize their own business priorities and working together establish the optimal go forward technology strategy.

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Operations and Technology Assessment, Roadmap

  • Architectural Review, Assessment and Roadmap for front, middle and back office
  • Evaluate operations workflow and risk management policies and procedures
  • Analyze data and information flow
  • Identify redundancy, gaps, and inefficiencies and make recommendations to align with industry best practices
  • Provide cost, timeline and roadmap

Product Evaluation and Selection

  • Define Requirements and prepare formal RFPs
  • Conduct Search, Selection and Negotiation

Process Improvements and Implementation

  • Using targeted technology solutions to improve efficiency and provide scalability

Data Integration and Implementations

  • Assess third party market data utilization and costs
  • More effectively and efficiently use market data across the enterprise
  • Integrate and support third party and proprietary systems data requirements in portfolio accounting, trading and analytics
  • Enterprise data management and ownership