“Our firm has been using EasyAUM’s MarketBridge product since 2016 to automate and enhance some processes such as pricing and retrieving / translating other market data. We are very pleased overall with EasyAUM reliability, knowledge, and ability to adapt the software to our needs as conditions change. Their team is always a pleasure to work with. I would recommend to anyone looking for an investment management software solution.”

– Vice President, Settlements

Client: Global Investment Manager, $5Billion AUM

Investment Universe: 500 US & International Equities


Per the client “Prior to MarketBridge implementation our firm experienced difficulty maintaining security master data, establishing new securities and keeping active information current for about 500 securities in a consistent, reliable and automated manner”.

  • Manual lookup and data entry while adding or updating securities
  • Maintaining MSCI GICS Industry Classifications for the securities was time-consuming and error-prone
  • Need for a secondary source of price and index data
  • Required Bloomberg security master, pricing data integration with Advent APX


  • Implemented EasyAUM’s MarketBridge product with Bloomberg, MSCI data repository and
  • Provided seamless source and maintenance of security master, custom security properties, pricing of global equities, indexes
  • Automated weekly, on demand processing of security master including GICS classifications with SS&C Advent APX
  • Automated daily early pricing, end of day pricing, index rates with SS&C Advent APX


  • Weekly automated unattended update of security master and industry classifications data for the global holdings and watch list securities into the portfolio accounting System
  • Daily automated unattended update of early prices, end of day prices for global holdings and index rates into the portfolio accounting system
  • Resulted in significant servicing improvements with timely client and performance reporting
  • Enhanced portfolio accounting procedures, increased operational efficiencies and minimised error

Per the client “Our jobs have become easier as a result of having MarketBridge software in place. The peace of mind in having processes that are completely automated, with the option to manually run jobs ad-hoc is invaluable. “