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EasyAUM provides targeted Consulting and GIPS® Services that complement our product and solutions offering. EasyAUM has built, over the years, a rich body of domain and technology expertise.
Over 80 investment firms have capitalized on this experience gainfully to avoid pitfalls, better utilize their invested resources and to implement industry best practices and processes.
Consulting Services

EasyAUM Consulting Services engagements typically are:
  • Operations and Technology Assessment, Roadmap
  • Product Evaluation and Selection
  • Process Improvements and Implementation
  • Enterprise Data Integration
      GIPS® Services

What are the GIPS Standards?

EasyAUM GIPS related services:
  • Assessment and Guidance
  • Composite Audits
  • Implementation and Maintenance
  • Verification and Performance Examination
  • Technology and Support
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Targeted services that
facilitate the path forward

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