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PortfolioLandscapeTM is a robust, flexible solution for producing high quality client, marketing and portfolio management reports efficiently and quickly. Reports are generated in a few hours, in pdf or other formats, ready for automated distribution.

Leverage Quality and Flexibility
Client and marketing reports are your face and voice to current and prospective clients. PortfolioLandscape enables you to minimize the risk of manual errors that harm your credibility and impressively expand the impact of the content that you communicate.

Data Integration and Ownership
Enrich your reports and internal data processes by easily integrating data from multiple sources – accounting systems, vendor analytics, market commentary and your stock selection process – into one expandable repository, that you own.

  • Accounting data from industry class products such as Advent APX, Axys and Portia
  • Analytics from leading vendors such as Thomson Reuters, Vestek, Bloomberg and Telemet
  • Investment universe models and ratings
  • Market Commentary

Sample Report Sections

  • Portfolio Summary
  • Market Outlook
  • Performance Analysis
  • Performance Attribution
  • Portfolio Appraisal
  • Purchases and Sales
  • Realized Gain Loss
  • Income Expenses
  • Fixed Income Distribution Summary

High Quality Presentations

  • Client Reports
  • Portfolio Manager Dashboard
  • Pitch Book
  • Fact Sheets


  • Expand Client and Marketing
  • Scale Operations
  • Minimize Manual Errors
  • Significantly Improve Efficiencies
  • Enhance Portfolio Monitoring


  • Integrate Wide Variety of Data
  • Centralized Data Repository
  • Automated Distribution
  • Flexible Report Design
  • Easy to Use

Data Content

  • Profile Holdings
  • Transaction History
  • Realized Gain and Loss
  • Security Master
  • Other Reference Data
  • Performance
  • Attribution
  • Market Commentary
  • Stock Selection Model