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OPERA (Open Protocol Enabling Risk Aggregation) is a financial industry initiative to standardize risk reporting procedures. Open Protocol provides investors with a systematic way to aggregate their investment exposures and manage their risks. OPERA also assists hedge fund managers in reducing proliferation of investor-specific risk reports and regulators to monitor and measure industry risks.


EasyAUM’s product Easy•OPERATM offers a three tier architecture that facilitates swift implementation of an OPERA reporting solution. Implementation requires adapting, as necessary, the first tier (i.e. the source data integrators to integrate ​your source analytics data store) while requiring no changes of the other two tiers i.e. OPERA Stage Repository and OPERA Report Engine. EasyAUM consultants well versed in deploying OPERA report solutions assist you with implementing the source data integration using standard APIs.

OPERA Process
OPERA Staging Repository
OPERA Report

Features and Benefits

  • Robust three tier architecture
  • Metadata model to map source data elements to OPERA grades
  • Easily incorporate OPERA schema changes
  • Best practices for source data extraction
  • Source data validation prior to report generation
  • Easy correction and redo process
  • Validation of XML against OPERA schema definition
  • Microsoft Excel report for review
  • Ability to generate reports at OPERA grade levels 1, 2, 3
  • Archive of monthly reporting data
  • Audit trail of changes