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For years, Investment Management firms have been challenged by the problems of capturing the wide variety of market and reference data available from Bloomberg and then harnessing it within the enterprise. EasyAUM’s MarketBridgeTM provides a practical solution to house and optimally utilize data in front- or back-office systems. MarketBridge promotes STP in an efficient and simple manner, reducing cost by warehousing the data for re-use and facilitating enterprise integration. MarketBridge’s scalable and flexible architecture supports a firm’s growth and third-party application choices.

Enterprise Wide Penetration

  • Operations staff can obtain timely portfolio valuation, improved reconciliation, performance and client reporting
  • Traders can set up new securities and trade more efficiently by accessing the comprehensive reference data on-demand
  • Portfolio Managers and Research Analysts can access fundamental and reference data items for enhanced modeling and risk analysis
  • Compliance staff can better monitor rules and avoid violations by using timely reference data


  • Reorganization such as tender offers, M&A and redemptions
  • Portfolio Construction and Modeling
  • Performance and Analytics
  • Concentration Reporting

Easy Implementation & Support

  • Modular pricing for the entire solution tailored to a client’s unique business requirements
  • Broad based support after market hours
Data Coverage

Enrich your reports and internal data processes by integrating all your data sources such as Bloomberg Data License, Telemet and Thomson Reuters with your accounting/portfolio management systems and marketing review into one repository.

Flexible Architecture
  • Security Master, Pricing for all asset classes
  • Bloomberg BVAL pricing
  • Company Financials
  • Corporate Actions

Universe Covered
  • Global Equities
  • Government, Corp, Muni Bonds
  • ABS, MBS and Agencies
  • ETFs, Mutual Funds
  • Indices and Benchmarks
  • Currencies

Operational Efficiencies
  • Automate complex security classification requirements
  • Facilitate automated processing of large volumes of dividend transactions and paydowns
  • Streamline and enhance pricing procedures
  • Scheduled or on-demand refresh of Security Master
  • Automate entry of splits, factors, rates call/put schedules, benchmarks, prices
  • Improve accuracy of interest accruals on fixed income instruments



Superior Quality and Accuracy
Enable access to the most comprehensive and widely used market-data sources

Reduced Costs
Consolidate acquisition of capital markets data and advance operational efficiencies

Seamlessly integrate market data with leading investment industry applications such as Axys, APX and ePAM

Minimize Risk

Avoid error-prone data entry for security set up, pricing and corporate actions

Enhance timely rules monitoring and minimize violations

Data Integrity
Maintain data consistency including Security Master across the enterprise

Track data changes