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Form PF
EasyForm PF

Investment managers required to file Form PF now have a simple, digital solution to address the complex Form PF reporting requirements. The software provides a comprehensive solution for the collection of source data, firm wide review, approval and submission of reports to the SEC.

Easy•Form PF improves filing accuracy and streamlines the process for regulatory filing requirements. During the implementation, EasyAUM will work with you to establish the automated plug-in for your portfolio accounting, risk analytics and other data to Easy•Form PF.

The software includes a sophisticated, but easy to use, web-based portal for

A simple, digital solution to address the complex Form PF reporting requirements

source data capture, review and submission of reports. The portal provides a robust workflow engine that can be configured to match your internal compliance process. Empower your compliance and operations professionals to take ownership of your data. Easy•Form PF is the ultimate solution to help your compliance team file Form PF reports in a smooth, efficient and timely manner.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve accuracy and minimize risk of errors
  • Save significant time spent on data gathering, review and reporting
  • Comprehensive review, correction and approval workflow process
  • Control access to Form PF data components by business groups
  • Easy re-capture of data from source systems
  • Audit of Form PF report preparation and amendments
  • Access to previous Form PF report submissions
  • Compare dynamically current vs prior submissions for each Form PF question
  • Generate XML reports for submission directly to the SEC
  • Maintain privacy of your data; our software operates on your internal servers
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