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Our Clients

Our Clients are leading institutional investors and investment firms seeking to reach new heights. We offer a range of high quality technology solutions, software and services to meet the needs of our valued clients. Our firm serves:

  • Investment Managers
  • Hedge Funds, Private Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Manager of Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Registered Investment Advisors
  • Private Wealth Managers
  • Insurance Firms
  • Real Estate and REITs
  • Corporate Treasurys

We have very specific data requirements and a diverse set of fixed income and equity asset types. MarketBridge is very flexible and provides a comprehensive interface of Bloomberg market data for our systems. The EasyAUM team is GREAT to work with. All communications were clear, concise, and quick.
– Director of Information Systems, Fixed Income Portfolio Management

EasyAUM has developed several bespoke risk and regulatory reporting solutions for our firm, which incorporate complex workflows, products, and asset classes. I am continually impressed by their ability to deliver highly functional and robust systems within a demanding timeframe and on budget. Their expertise and professionalism is second to none and they have quickly become our partner of choice.
– Director of Application Development, Global Hedge Fund Manager

We appreciate the combined skills of expert technology management and a clear understanding of the investment management process. Our performance attribution projects were delivered ahead of schedule in the format requested. We saved a great deal of time, money and personnel resources.
– Principal, Wealth Management

We have used Portfolio.Landscape since 2012. The software made a major difference and gave us a more efficient and robust process for improving reporting. We needed to integrate data from multiple sources. The EasyAUM product team made the integration process seamless.
– Principal and Portfolio Manager, Global Investment Management